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art, amadeus

Character Development: Sketchbook.

* This is a picture of a girl in profile, most of the picture shaded dark; you can't make out who the girl is unless you're familiar enough with the profile. She's lying back, looking at fake-stars shaded to Van-Gogh swirliness overhead, the only light spots on the piece of paper. In cartoon-lettering, disjointed: All of us, in the gutter. She's watching the stars.

*This is a picture of several different female classmates surrounded by swathes of black feathers, eating eyeballs with varying degrees of relish. Ew. The quasi-realism certainly doesn't help.

*This is a picture of a small black cat staring at the artist with unruffled dignity. Ears perked up, it stands before an open gate. Done in stark black ink.

*Footprints, sketched in various styles. Footprint-in-mud. Footprint-on-tile. Footprint-in-sand. Harder than it looks, imperfect.

*An entire two-page-spread of classmate caricatures. There's an entire corner of varieties of Scandalized Janes, in which Jane is wearing a different shocked expression in each, that is particularly comic. There are faces upon faces, studies of how everybody's face moves. About half of these are inked.

*One page has been bookmarked as Pulp Fiction Eupheme; he's going to hell for this. Mikhail in a fedora, Eliza in lingerie with a gun lounging on a bed, Bill Pendennis in a suit under a streetlight. Hemi's car illuminating some indistinct female figure. It's all confining lines and stark colors.

*There are six pages of location-shots, examinations of different places ranging from park benches to diners to class, all in a row.

*And four more of figures who aren't easily pegged wearing different styles of clothing. Someone wearing a Willy Wonka t-shirt; someone else in a tuxedo, another slouched against a wall wearing a trenchcoat.

*Six pages in a row scripted with ornate green-ink-on-black-circuitry-and-patterns comic-book style narration for some kind of story about rabbits moving between worlds. Matrix ripoff, no doubt, but the patterns are pretty. It may well be for practice lettering comic-style.

*Someone borrowed "Rome" on DVD, since there's a whole lot of copying of poses and characters from same, with notes of 'RIPOFF RIPOFF RIPOFF' in the margins. There's also a RIPOFF RIPOFF RIPOFF section of him drawing Marvel and DC characters and in other styles for fun. The Jhonen Vasquez-esque picture of a ranting crazy-man who ends his statement with "...I'M JUST THE CRAZY MAN WHO YOU BROUGHT HOME TO FUCK YOU IN YOUR BATHROOM" is a particularly well-done self-portrait, in its distinctive comic-booky style.

*And then there's the picture with the comic-titled lettering of "...the axe-boy lived downstairs..." and the young man sitting crosslegged in shadows, weapon crosswise on his knees, puddles of blood all around. It's pretty, in an icky sort of way, with a great deal of time expended on the homey details of the darkened kitchen the kid is sitting in.


((Hoff love. That's badass.))